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Please Wear a Helmet!!
If you ride a Motorcycle, or know someone who does, please make sure that a DOT safety approved Motorcycle Helmet is worn at ALL TIMES.   The risk of head injury and death could be reduced by nearly 40% if such a safety measure is followed.  For more information please
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So Please Wear a Helmet!

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a Motorcycle can be one of the most freeing and exciting things someone can do.  Rima knows this as she herself used to ride.   Some of the attraction to riding, is the love of the open road, windblown air, and the elation felt when riding; not to mention gas and insurance savings.  Unfortunately, due to the recklessness and dangers of others drivers, a Motorcyclist is at an even greater risk of injury and death at the hands of another.  Motorcyclists have every right to expect safe driving from other drivers, and usually take even larger measures to protect themselves.  Regrettably, like car accidents (often with even greater consequences) defensive driving often is just not enough.  For example, a distracted driver cuts in front of you, a homeowner may let their dog loose in violation of State leash laws, a Trucker might change lanes and not notice the Motorcyclist; and sadly, no preventative measures will help prevent the impending and often serious crash that results. 

The statistics are quite tragic.  In Florida alone, nearly 8,000 motorcyclists were injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, with nearly 550 people losing their lives in a Motorcycle fatality.  Sadly, these accidents can destroy families, rob dreams and leave someone severely injured or forever limited in their abilities. An injured person can also lose their jobs, lose wages, incur significant medical bills, undergo extreme pain and suffering as well as emotional distress, need further costly treatment, and undergo risky surgeries as a result of the negligence of another.


At the Law Office of Rima C. Bardawil, P.A. we may be able to help you.  If you or your loved one is a victim of a Motorcycle Accident., please call our office at 305-403-2203 so that we can guide you and protect your rights from the very beginning.   Don’t delay as there are many rights and responsibilities that a seasoned Attorney such as Rima C. Bardawil, Esq., can protect, preserve and make sure that you understand.




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