When you are in a vehicle, please make sure that it has properly operational seat belts, and make sure that you and your passengers are using them correctly.  The risk of death to front seat occupants is reduced by nearly 45% if such a seatbelt safety measure is followed.  Seat belts also improve the occurrence of moderate to severe injuries by 50 percent.  Seat belts should be used for every drive you make, even if it's a short distances. For more information please click here.     

 So Please Buckle Up!

In this day and age, there are many more vehicles on the road and a significant number of distracted drivers to go along with that.  Between talking on the phone, texting and driving, along with all the typical reasons for driver distraction, we now unfortunately have more car accidents than ever before.  In fact there are nearly 320,000 accidents in Florida alone. (See Reference) Being a careful driver is very important but in today’s world, it simply isn’t enough.  Unfortunately, we cannot always protect those we love or ourselves from the carelessness of others. 

In Florida, we now have nearly 200,000 people injured annually as a result of car accidents. An even more alarming figure is that Florida has nearly 2,500 annual tragic fatalities from car accidents and traffic crashes alone.  These accidents can destroy families, steal dreams and leave someone severely injured or forever limited in their abilities.  Sadly, an injured person can lose their jobs, lose wages, incur significant medical bills, undergo extreme pain and suffering as well as emotional distress, need further costly medical treatment, and undergo risky surgeries as a result of the negligence of another.



At the Law Office of Rima C. Bardawil, P.A. we may be able to help. If you or your loved one is a victim of an automobile accident, please call our office at 305-403-2203 so that we can guide you and protect your rights from the very beginning.   Don’t delay as there are many rights and responsibilities that a seasoned Attorney such as Rima C. Bardawil, Esq., can protect, preserve, and make sure that you understand.   Please know that in 2014, the Law in Florida changed, requiring you to seek treatment under your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Policy within two weeks so as to be able to utilize your PIP policy to cover your medical bills or lose them.   While this may not seem fair, this is only one example of a right that an experienced Attorney such as Rima C. Bardawil, Esq., can help you protect.



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