When an automobile 

accident occurs, people become anxious and nervous, not to mention the physical injuries that may result.  There are several important steps that you should follow when you are involved in an automobile accident:

Accident Scene Do's & Don'ts 

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•Stay at the Scene, unless it is unsafe, at which time you should remain in a safe close by distance.

•Check on your Driver and Passengers if you are able to do so.  Otherwise, remain seated in a safe area and wait for Emergency Rescue,

•Call the Police and advise that you were involved in a Car Accident.

•If safe and possible, obtain the other vehicles insurance information and write down the license plate,

•?If you are able to safely do so, take photos of your Car and the other vehicles involved,

•If safe, get the name of Witnesses and make notes as to what they saw,

•Other than Rescue or Police, do not speak to people at the scene regarding treatment for injuries,

•If you are injured, go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care depending on the extent of your injuries,

•Keep Records of where you received your Medical Treatment,

•If you have cuts, bruises, scars, bleeding or swelling, take lots of Photographs to give your Attorney,

•Get an Estimate for repairing your Car's Property Damage,

•Do NOT Give Statements to the Insurance Companies Other than that you were involved in an Automobile Accident.   When they ask further questions, use caution when discussing the accident, and keep the discussion to a minimum.  It is best to have your experienced Attorney speak with the Insurance Company and/or be with you if or when the Insurance Company may want a Statement,

•Be careful of early settlement offers.  They will rarely take into account your injuries, the extent of your treatment and it is better to leave this to an experienced Attorney,

•When Injured in a Car Accident, hire the Experienced Attorney Rima C. Bardawil, Esq., at My Florida Accident Attorney.